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 3D Squares background

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3D Squares background Empty
PostSubject: 3D Squares background   3D Squares background Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 2:14 pm

3D Squares background.


3D Squares background 6fondocubos3d1

1. Open a new document (450 x 150)
2. Fill the backgorund with black.
3. Pop in a few flares like so (filter/render/flare)
3D Squares background 1fondocubos3d1
4.Now we go to filter/distort/wave (hit random).You should have something like this...
3D Squares background 2fondocubos3d1
5. Duplicate the layer twice and put both of those layers in brighten mode
6. Repeat step 4.
7. Merge those three layers.(holding control select them and then press E)
8. Now we go to filter/stylize/extrusion(im not sure if its called extrusion because i have photoshop in spanish but in photoshop cs2 its option number 4) and use these options
3D Squares background 4fondocubos3d1
9. Finaly we put the layer mode in hard light and press Ctrl+U select "color" and play around until your happy...

I personalized it you guys can do that to.
If you want the .PSD comment thankyou.
And i want some outcomes Very Happy
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3D Squares background
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