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 Rules [read before posting]

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Rules [read before posting] Empty
PostSubject: Rules [read before posting]   Rules [read before posting] Icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 11:04 am

Forum rules.

1) Currently there is a warning system in order to insure compliance with standards.The purpose of this new system is to try to approach users who commit a foul, whether malicious or inadvertent error by a private message addressed to the user by the Admin or mod.

Their are three tipes of fouls:

· Mild foul - Warning > > The mod/admin will send a private message to the user that has comitted the foal, explaing the foal that has been comitted.

· Repeating a mild foul - Warning > > The mod/admin will send a private message to the user that has comitted the foal, explaing that the user has repeatdly comitted a foal. This user is warned.

·Severe foal - Warning > > The mod / admin send a Private Message
explaining to the user who made the mistake he has done and has a warning.

After three warnings the user will be baned depending on the seriousness of such foal.
Heres a list of what we consider foals:

* Necroposting (mild)
* Flood (mild)
* Spam (mild)
* Troll (severe)
Etc...(To be determined and considered by the Staff)

* Flood is considered:
It is said of useless messages, meaningless messages, like "YES!" "No" "Owned" or containing a single word or syllable or a sentence too short and of little importance as well as messages with emoticons or filled only with a single quote are considered Flood. He who is known as Flood Flooder.

* It is considered Necroposting:
Post in a topic that has not be active for a long period of time (roughly after a month) without contributing anything (Example: Post on a wallpaper of seven months ago that you think is very nice)

For committing Necroposting once, only the person will be warned that the topic has come up, not the people who write after.
If the person does several times before or after the notice is a warning added.

* It is considered Troll:
Insulting messages directly or indirectly, seek to fight and try to bring hostile behavior among users (Noob is considered an insult). At that practice is known as Troll (also Troller). Troller and Lammer are concepts that are closely related.

2) All topics posted in the wrong subforum will be moved by the moderating team.

3) Messages that are repeated by mistake (or just cause) will be deleated by the moderating team.

4) Avatars and signatures (Perfiles):

4.1.- Its prohibited avatars in width and maximum length of 120 pixels. In the case given the moderating team will advise the participant in question. Please resize the avatar or replaced with another, the avatar would be deleted from your profile.

4.2.- Signatures: It is not lawful signatures of great weight as there are users with slow connections and this would trouble the visit to the forums. Signatures more than 500 pixels wide 150 px high are not valid. If wearing more or if occuping much of the area we will alert the user to shrink it.

4.3 .- On the profiles in general is prohibited (userbars, signatures ...) that are derogatory or offend or violate a user.
If you find a profile that insults and / or may be offended a user, the Moderator/Admin will contact the person to which it is addressed and ask them to remove it.We only allow signatures to use these Userbars if both parties agree.

5) It is forbidden to insult, inhibit, morally coerce or injure others. In such case the topic would be closed and the topics of discussion would create a replacement if necessary(and logical). If the problem persists we will take drastic mesures.

5.1 .- If this was via private message (nomenclature which belongs to would be taken the same action and leading to even disable sending private messages from those users.

6) It is prohibited to display any type of pornography, hentai, pedophilia, physical abuse animals or similar on the forum.

7) repeated conversation topics (example, an animal theme which has already been mentioned) will be removed but will try to link to the user who make the mistake to the subject concerned. This fault is usually committed most often by new users who do not know the old discussion topics in the forum, therefore, we understand.

8 ) For security reasons,we do not accept proposals for joining the team moderator and / or staff.We will consider at the time who we sees fit(if necesary).

9) The moderators may no longer use their functions in the moderating team if they wish at any time.

10) prohibit any kind of content issues and comments with xenophobic, racist, Nazi, fascist or any attack on universal human conditions. This is a forum of free opinion, but not a greengrocer.

11) The moderating team is required to exercise these rules also to avoid situations like those mentioned above.

12) Not reading these rules does not imply not respecting them.

14) The administration is open to all suggestions regarding this change of rules.

15) These standards are linked to changes without notice.

16) The moderating team is not responsable for the opinion of each user.

17) Every user has the right and the obligation to use the reporting system to alert the moderator team of misconduct by another user.

- Duties of the moderating team

18 ) El equipo moderador está para eso, para moderar, y no para provocar situaciones como las anteriormente citadas.

19) Ongoing reviews of the areas assigned as a moderator to keep their regular monitoring. Admin might take action if not moderated, in situations where the use of restraint is plain and obvious.

20) The moderating team shall, depending as possible and help solve technical problems on the forum for users wishing to do so.

21) The moderators will be responsible for notices and warnings, as well as any private messages exclusively related issues forum for users.

22) If the moderators need to respond to users must be polite and friendly, with no evidence of superiority or disdain for others.

23) The 'General Moderator "is an account that represents the whole Staff. The mods may choose to send your private message from your account, or from the account of "Moderator General" but preserve their anonymity and act more objectively. The purpose of the moderator is to obtain fair and competent decisions, without endangering its identity or privacy.

The general mod is the following account:
General Mod # 1


Users Rights:

1) Users are entitled to change all the attributes of their profile without notice.

2) Users may require groups if it is considered appropriate.

3) Users do not have any way any obligation to enter the forum.

4) Users have the right to require changes, make suggestions, etc.. Their acceptance depends solely of senior management.

5) Users are entitled to advertise their websites (if provided) or websites which may be of importance if they wish in their profiles and signatures, in the latter respect the norm for them (Never in any topic).

6) Users are entitled to ask technical questions of the private forum moderator team.

7) Users have the right to open new topics and / or surveys.

8 ) Users are entitled to respond on issues they consider of interest.

9) Users are entitled to conceal their status in the forum if they wish.

10) Ther is a FAQ (frequently asked questions) available to the user.

11) There is an internal search of posts and users available to the users.

12) Users are entitled to a tray of private messages.

13) The user has no right to run ads or post-its.

14) Users belong turn the moderating team have the right to advertise or post-its, and render messages posted by others in such if he considers that the issue is of basic importance for Subforums in question.

15) No user has the right to bruscly call the atention off another user if they do something wrong only mod/admin will be responsable for this.
Users have the Message Reporting System to assist in the notification of faults in topics, posts and other messages to the team of Staff.

16) The users only have a right to possess a single account. If this is the case for a sibling or another family is also logged in the forum, will be necessary to advise a member of the administration.
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Rules [read before posting]
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